The Learning Festival

Dawn of Civilization

1. How to Play
– Play the game and take part in the mini- games within.
– You need to succeed at least 50% in the mini games.
– Collect as many “tickets” or “stars’ as possible.
– Aim to achieve 600 points so that it would put you in the Winner’s table. The top 3 in the Winner’s Table will be ranked by the highest points and win the top 3 prizes based on their ranking. Try to top the table with other MENDAKI participants!

2. Terms and Conditions

– In the event that not all the 3 spots on the Winner’s Table is filled (i.e player did not attain the minimum 600 pts), the player with the next highest points will stand to win the consolation prize
– Competition will end on 25 October 2020
– Winners will be informed on 31 November 2020
– No limit on the number of accounts per family. “Family” by definition would include extended (Cousins, etc) and blended families (siblings from different parents, etc) as long as they have their own account.
– Participants must include their contact number in both the google registration doc and in-game registration, for verification purposes.
– Participants are encourage to link their account with a valid email/ Facebook (either they include their contact number in Point 5 or link to email/Facebook)
– Only the top 3 participants in the Winner’s Table will be eligible for the top 3 prizes.
– Best Improved Player would be decided based on learners with the highest jump in points within the week (The top 3 players on the All Players Leaderboard for that week will not be eligible for the prize)

3. Prizes

Prizes up for grabs are as follows:
1st Prize – $500 capitaland vouchers
2nd Prize – $300 capitaland vouchers
3rd Prize – $100 capitaland vouchers
4th to 10th Prize – $50 capitand vouchers

Best Improved Player [per week]: $100 capitaland vouchers

Raikan Challenge