Raikan Ilmu Bingo

Take part in the Raikan Ilmu BINGO!

Download a copy of this BINGO, and start taking part in our activities throughout the whole month of October.

Check off the boxes you have completed and stand to win prizes!

Carry out 5 activities on the card in a row
Snap a photo for each activity
Post your completed card together with the 5 photos on your Facebook or Instagram feed with the hashtag #RaikanIlmuBingo

Accounts must be public for valid entries. Contest ends on 31 Oct 2020.

For those who have received the Raikan Ilmu Gift Boxes, check out the videos below on how you can play the Story Starter activity and also construct the cardboard Moon Lander!

How to play the Story Starter: Video
How to assemble the cardboard Moon Lander: Video PDF

Family Bonding Workshops by Smart Nation

Go to our website to register for any programmes: https://www.smartnation.gov.sg/whats-new/smart-nation-together. To also attach the QR code.
Upload a photo of yourself attending a #SmartNationtogether programme on facebook or Instagram.
Hashtag #SmartNationTogether and #RaikanilmuBingo.